Virtual Dog Training Classes


BravoPup students are loving our virtual classes and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive:
You and your classmates will meet in a virtual, interactive classroom via Zoom once a week. You will receive the same personal attention, instruction and real time coaching directly from your trainer. In addition to our detailed weekly homework, you will receive a recorded video of your class and access to our private student facebook group.
All you need is decent wifi, laptop, tablet or cell phone, a dog and treats!

Head on over to our schedule page for a list of our In-Person DOG1 classes.

Virtual Dog 1​

Level 1: Life skills for your new or not-so-new dog or puppy

(19 weeks and older)

Virtual Pup2/Dog 2

Level 2: Expanded skills to Keep ‘Em Training!

Virtual Beginning Skills for Dogs 19 Weeks & Older

I have a puppy over 19 weeks; is this the class for me?
Yes! This is the the place to start. The curriculum is very similar to our PUP1 series, but for adolescent puppies (yes, your puppy is beginning their adolescent years at 18 weeks!) and adult dogs. We will address all the basic commands, manners and distraction training, all while providing guidance for any challenging doggie habits you may be dealing with at home.
An adolescent dog can be a joy, but let’s face it: there are moments when you’ll wonder what to do with your young dog’s boundless energy. Whether you’ve just adopted your dog, or perhaps haven’t started training your puppy yet, our award winning instructors will support you through any difficulties and inspire you with success!
I have an older dog that has never taken any classes; is this the class for me?
Yes! Learning is fun at any age. If you have a beloved dog that you’ve never trained, or a newly adopted dog, training is exciting no matter what age he or she is.
DOG 1 Class Skills Include:
What to Have for Class:

$180 per dog

Virtual Level 2 Skills for Dogs that have Completed Dog 1 or PUP1

Turning Your Dog Into a Rockstar
You are inspired to continue training … BRAVO for you and your dog! Continuing your dog’s education will deepen your bond and give you even more ways to have fun together. Now that you’ve got a solid foundation, we can get cracking on more complex lessons. In this class we’ll enhance the basic commands and introduce higher level stuff.
Dog 2 Class Skills Include:
What to Have for Class:

$200 per dog

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