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Here’s what students are saying about our in-person and live-remote classes!

Wall of Love

Sandi, thanks again for being the remarkable teacher you are! I have learned so much from you both watching your masterful skills with individual dogs, and practicing all your suggestions. It's been a true pleasure to be in your class. I will miss your entertaining, highly intuitive self. We love you!
Thank you so much for such a great class. We appreciate how you broke it all down in easy to manage segments. Building this bond and getting us to be her favorite place to be will go a long way to making her want to come. That's huge!
Thank you from both of us for your fine, kind, skillful teaching. How you can keep your eye on all those tiny screens and not miss a thing is amazing!
Holden, Thanks so much for your expertise! Abby's made good progress and we have a much better understanding of what to look for to make sure she's not stressed or fearful. She's a pretty happy hound and we're lucky to have her.
Praise for "Life Skills for Shy/Fearful Dogs."
Just wanted to say thanks, you've been so, so helpful! We will definitely be signing up for more BravoPup classes!
Thank you so much Holden! You are the best!! We have learned so much from your class and you've gone above and beyond to help us. I wasn't sure how it would work over Zoom, but we have felt so connected. We'd love to take your next class and would definitely recommend you to others. -Janet-
Praise for "Frolic or Fight"
Thanks to Katy for a great Recall class. Happy to report Blue came running yesterday in the dog park when his attention was elsewhere. First time, it was INSTANT in response . Very motivating for keeping up with the homework!
Thanks again.
Thanks so much for everything! We've been very impressed with your program. Our pup has come a long way. He is a very quick learner and we know what you have taught us will lead to a healthy lifetime of love and licks!
Thank you sooooo much for the wonderful training. We learned a lot! It covered many things that we were wondering what to do. I really like the positive way of training. Thank you so much!
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Live Remote Instruction

Our Live Remote instruction uses the zoom platform to teach live, not pre-recorded, classes. This is the perfect way to benefit from group training for those dogs that are not yet ready for in-person classes. 

Your highly educated and experienced instructor Holden Svirsky, CTC, CSAT, is a graduate of ‘The Academy for Dog Trainers’ and has developed these classes specifically for remote learning. 



Covid-19 Protocols

Safe, Effective Solutions During COVID-19

Covid-19 protocols are continually changing. We are aware that many industries are relaxing their mask wearing requirements. Mask wearing is now optional for all students and instructors. 

If you are feeling unwell or have been exposed to covid, we ask that you stay home. 

We are incredibly grateful for all of our clients, and are committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy as we navigate these ever changing times!