Virtual Bravo's Got Talent

Virtual Class - Teach Your Dog Tricks & Performance Skills

Hollywoof Here We Come!
TALENT (def): “A skillful act performed for entertainment or amusement.” Okay, we pulled that from the dictionary, but everybody knows what a tricks class is right? FUN, FUN, FUN! But in this class we practice more than just tricks. We introduce basic performance skills in a safe and highly supportive environment–Everyone gets an ovation!
Our Virtual Talent class skills include:
What to have available for class:

If there are no dates listed, the class is currently unavailable:


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Live Remote Instruction

Our Live Remote instruction uses the zoom platform to teach live, not pre-recorded, classes. This is the perfect way to benefit from group training for those dogs that are not yet ready for in-person classes. 

Your highly educated and experienced instructor Holden Svirsky, CTC, CSAT, is a graduate of ‘The Academy for Dog Trainers’ and has developed these classes specifically for remote learning. 


Covid-19 Protocols

Safe, Effective Solutions During COVID-19

Covid-19 protocols are continually changing. We are aware that many industries are relaxing their mask wearing requirements. Mask wearing is now optional for all students and instructors. 

If you are feeling unwell or have been exposed to covid, we ask that you stay home. 

We are incredibly grateful for all of our clients, and are committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy as we navigate these ever changing times!