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Specialty Training Insights

Practical Training for Real Life

Does your dog have a behavior you need help with? Let our highly educated, skilled and friendly instructors help you dive into a particular issue for deeper learning and understanding. For those behaviors that are not suited for in-person classes, we have developed unique and effective live, remote classes that do not disappoint. These classes help deepen the bond between you and your dog, especially when dealing with unwanted and misunderstood behaviors. 

Shy & Fearful

This live, remote class will address the unique needs of shy/fearful/anxious puppies and dogs.

Frolic or Fight

Not sure how your dog will meet and greet other dogs? This live, remote class will help deepen your knowledge and give you the confidence to know when your dog is happy to frolic or when to walk away to prevent a fight. 

Leash Reactive

Does your dog bark, growl or lunge at other dogs, making walking unpleasant and difficult? This live, remote class teaches you skillful handling of your leash-reactive dog. Reactivity can look like over excitement, frustration, excessive barking, pulling, lunging and more. This class is the first step in addressing this challenging behavior.

Jumpers & Pullers

This in-person class covers all aspects of these common issues. Proudly welcome guests in your home and walk your dog with ease! 

Extreme Recall

This in-person class teaches techniques for a rock-solid recall! A must for the safety of our canine companions. 


This in-person class is all about tricks, talent and fun, fun, fun! Learn basic performance skills in a safe, supportive environment. 

Private Training

Does your dog have a specific issue you need help with but cannot attend a specialty class? Prefer one-on-one coaching? Schedule a private training session with one of our skilled and experienced trainers!

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Live Remote Instruction

Our Live Remote instruction uses the zoom platform to teach live, not pre-recorded, classes. This is the perfect way to benefit from group training for those dogs that are not yet ready for in-person classes. 

Your highly educated and experienced instructor Holden Svirsky, CTC, CSAT, is a graduate of ‘The Academy for Dog Trainers’ and has developed these classes specifically for remote learning. 

In-Person Instruction

Join us for our award-winning classes taught in-person. All PUP1 and specialty classes are taught indoors. Some locations for DOG1, PUP2/DOG2 are taught outdoors. 

Private Training

Private Training we offer the following. Want us to call you back to discuss your project? No problem! Please leave your name and phone number and we’ll get back to you soon.



Covid-19 Protocols

Safe, Effective Solutions During COVID-19

Covid-19 protocols are continually changing. We are aware that many industries are relaxing their mask wearing requirements. Mask wearing is now optional for all students and instructors. 

If you are feeling unwell or have been exposed to covid, we ask that you stay home. 

We are incredibly grateful for all of our clients, and are committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy as we navigate these ever changing times!