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The "Get Over Here Right Now" Class

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Leash Reactive

Manage Your Dog On-Leash

Find my stuff!

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Obedience + Agility + Tricks = FUN

CANine Good Citizen

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Private Training

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Private In-Home Training For You & Your Dog

The At-Home Training Solution
Does your dog have a specific issue that you need help with? Are you unable to participate in a group class due to your schedule constraints or your dog’s behavior? Would you prefer one-on-one coaching from a qualified professional so you can make more rapid progress with your dog?
With private lessons you and your dog have the undivided attention of a professional BravoPup trainer. We focus exclusively on your goals, teaching you how to effectively work with your dog. Private sessions last an hour and are highly customized with expert client coaching and written follow-up reports. Training can be in-home or in outdoor environments (or both) depending on your individual needs.
The Process:
We start with an Initial Evaluation to gain a full understanding of your dog’s behavior issues and your training goals. Then we recommend a training plan and appropriate package e to help you achieve those goals.
A comprehensive behavior evaluation that may last up to 90 minutes. We collect a complete case history on your dog’s behavior and discuss your training goals in depth. Based on our findings, we’ll recommend a training plan and package that fits your needs.
Single session: $125
4-Pack: $425
8-Pack: $825
This is the cost-effective solution for busy owners who don’t have time to devote to training but want a well-behaved dog. We come to your home and train your dog on the weekdays while you are at work. Then on the weekend we coach you and the dog together in a “transfer session” so that you stay in step with what your dog is learning.
12 pack: $1230
16 pack: $1600
If you are interested in private training, please fill out the Private Training Intake Form. We’ll match your needs with one of our professional trainers and put them in direct contact with you for scheduling. Our trainers are very busy! The trainer may need to schedule 2-4 weeks in advance. For further questions, feel free to contact us at 510-621-3630 OR info@bravopup.com.


Teach Your Dog to Come When You Call

The “Get-Your-Butt-Over-Here-Right-Now!” Class
In this class you’ll learn proven techniques to train your dog to WANT to come to you when called– and he’ll do it really, really fast! This behavior is known as “Recall”, and it’s the most frequent training request that we get for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.
This 5 week course is held safely indoors at the Oakland Zoo’s spacious auditorium and focuses solely on teaching you how to “install” an emergency recall, speeding bullet style. Using fun exercises in a supportive atmosphere, you will practice skills to put to use immediately as you build a solid recall for your canine companion.
Weekly class summaries are included.
Recommended for:


Teach Your Leash Reactive Dog to be Calm On-Leash

For Reactive Rovers of All Ages
Does your dog bark, growl, or lunge at other dogs while out on leash walks? Are you embarrassed by your dog’s behavior and find yourself hiding and avoiding dogs altogether? We can help.
This class teaches you skillful handling of your leash-reactive dog, as well as learning to read your dog’s body language so that you can respond before he reacts. We will teach you environmental awareness and management, plus expert leash skills so that you can be a relaxed team out on walks.
** Note: This class does not FIX leash aggression. This class teaches YOU how to manage your dog’s behavior and your dog to associate other dogs with Glorious Things.
Safe & Supportive Atmosphere
The class is set up in a very controlled environment where we gradually expose your leash-reactive dog to other neutral dogs at a distance (including some very realistic-looking fake ones) so that you can practice together and develop your leash handling skills.
This is NOT a class to teach your dog social skills with other dogs and we are very careful to keep the dogs calm and totally separate from each other. Our bigger goal is to help your dog change his emotional response when seeing other dogs while out on walks. Plus we want to give you to the tools for ongoing work since this issue often requires consistent work for a length of time to see lasting results.
This class is 6 weeks long. The first class is held without your dog so that you can practice handling skills with neutral dogs, which will make you feel ready to take the next steps. For the following 5 weeks you’ll practice handling skills with your own dog in a safe group setting. There will be at least 2 trainers in each class.


Teach Your Dog to Walk Nicely & Greet Politely

Real Life Manners 101
Want to really enjoy your dog on a walk? Want your dog to greet people so politely? Imagine friends, family, and even total strangers saying to you:”Wow, what a Good Dog you have!” This 5 week course focuses solely on two of the most common concerns thatdogs owners face every single day: jumping up on people and pulling on leash.
You’ll learn effective techniques to keep your dog attentive to you when out in the world on leash, including greeting people by sitting politely. Using fun and engaging exercises, you’ll practice skills that you can put to use immediately as you build your dog’s foundation of public manners. Classes are held indoors at the Oakland Zoo. Weekly class summaries are included.
** This class is NOT for dogs that lunge and bark wildly at other dogs while on leash.
Recommended for:


Find My Stuff!

Teach Your Dog to Search For and Find Your stuff!
Find My Stuff:
Always misplacing your reading glasses? Can’t find your keys when it’s time to leave the house? Where the heck did you leave your phone this time? Teach your dog to find your stuff for you!
Recommended for:


Obedience + Agility = BravO-bility!

It’s Like Cross-Training for Dogs!
BravO-bility is a Bravo-inspired specialty class that combines agility, tricks, and obedience in a novel and fun way. This intermediate to advanced class is a continuation class for pups that have completed a Bravo! or equivalent basic course.
Each week we will introduce new concepts and build a ‘routine’ that you can showcase with your pup (or dog) on the final week of class. We offer 2 levels of BravO-bility so that you can keep practicing and building your dog’s skills. Weekly class summaries and support documents included.
In this class we cover:
What To Bring:


Prepare Your Dog for the Canine Good Citizen Test

Welcome to Prep School!
In this class we’ll work on all of the test items to prepare your dog for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. We will practice for 5 weeks and have a mock test on the 6th class. Then, BravoPup will conduct the actual CGC Test at a different location at a later scheduled date. Dates of other upcoming tests will be discussed in class. Whether you decide to take the test or not, this class is full of Real Life Skills for all urban dogs. Weekly class summaries, training handouts, support documents and CGC TEST included.
Becoming a Canine Good Citizen
The CGC Program is a national program created by the American Kennel Club. It has become a highly regarded and accepted test of a dog’s ability to be out in the public and be well mannered. It is widely used to test dogs for many community programs such as therapy dog and service dog programs. Some landlords request a CGC certificate before allowing a dog to move into a home or apartment.
In order to become a Canine Good Citizen and receive a CGC certificate, a dog must pass the following 10 test items:
1. Accepting a Friendly Stranger The dog must allow a friendly stranger to approach and speak to the handler.
2. Sitting Politely for Petting The dog must allow a friendly stranger to approach, touch and pet it.
3. Appearance and Grooming The dog must permit a stranger to lightly examine him, to pick up each front foot and lightly brush the dogs coat.
4. Out for a Walk (walking on a loose leash) The dog must show he can walk politely on a loose leash with owner.
5. Walking Through a Crowd The dog and handler walk around and pass close to several people (at least three) to demonstrate that the dog can move about politely in a crowd
6. Sit and Down on Command/Stay in Place The dog will respond to the handler’s commands to 1) sit, 2) down and will 3) remain in the place commanded by the handler (sit or down position, whichever the handler prefers).
7. Coming When Called Dog must be able to come to the owner when called.
8. Reaction to Another Dog Dog must demonstrate he can see another dog and behave politely. A new dog approaches the testing dog and handler, the handlers will exchange pleasantries and then walk away.
9. Reaction to Distractions Dog must be able to demonstrate that he can remain calm in distracting situations. There will be a noise and a visual distraction. Common distractions used are dropping a chair and walking past the dog with a dolly.
10. Supervised Supervision The dog must remain calm and polite while left with a friendly stranger for a period of 3 minutes with the owner out of sight.


Teach Your Dog Tricks & Performance Skills

Hollywoof Here We Come!
TALENT (def): “A skillful act performed for entertainment or amusement.” Okay, we pulled that from the dictionary, but everybody knows what a tricks class is right? FUN, FUN, FUN! But in this class we practice more than just tricks. We introduce basic performance skills in a safe and highly supportive environment–Everyone gets an ovation!
Weekly class summaries are included.
You and your dog will learn:


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Live Remote Instruction

Our Live Remote instruction uses the zoom platform to teach live, not pre-recorded, classes. This is the perfect way to benefit from group training for those dogs that are not yet ready for in-person classes. 

Your highly educated and experienced instructor Holden Svirsky, CTC, CSAT, is a graduate of ‘The Academy for Dog Trainers’ and has developed these classes specifically for remote learning. 



Covid-19 Protocols

Safe, Effective Solutions During COVID-19

Covid-19 protocols are continually changing. We are aware that many industries are relaxing their mask wearing requirements. Mask wearing is now optional for all students and instructors. 

If you are feeling unwell or have been exposed to covid, we ask that you stay home. 

We are incredibly grateful for all of our clients, and are committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy as we navigate these ever changing times!