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Training Equipment

Food toys keep your pup-dog busy in the best way possible. The classic food toy is The Kong. But there are many food toys on the market, plus recipes for stuffing them depending on your dog’s taste preferences. Here are a few other that we love: Snoop Treat Dispensing Toy with Yellow Smiley Face.
We recommend having a treat pouch for easier training. We like this one because it is roomy, has extra pockets and a magnetic closure.
Do your shoulders a favor and purchase a No-Pull harness (also called a “front clipping” harness) to make leash walks easier with your pup-dog.
The leash attaches to the O-ring on the dog’s chest with a No-Pull Harness.
The Top 3 harnesses we recommend are:
We LOVE these belted leashes that free up your hands! The leash attaches to your waist and makes training so much easier!

Training Books

Dog training is an entirely unregulated industry, and there’s a fair amount of crazy advice out there that can do more harm than good for your pup. Here’s 3 of our favorite books to give you guidance:
1. “Life Skills for Puppies” by veterinary behaviorists Dr. Helen Zulch and Dr. Daniel Mills. This is the #1 book we recommend for all new puppy owners. It’s easy-to-read and will give you deeper information on all the topics we discuss in puppy class. Order a copy NOW.
2. “A Guide to Living With & Training a Fearful Dog” by professional trainer Debbie Jacobs, who began her odyssey with fearful dogs by rescuing one following Hurricane Katrina. Her stories are encouraging and her advice is very sound. Check out her website ( and her Fearful Dogs Facebook Group.
3. “Treating Separation Anxiety” by our friend and local expert, Malena DeMartini. Her book is the single best resource available for this complex behavior issue. Several of Bravo’s trainers have studied with Malena, and we use her training protocols in our work with dogs who suffer from separation disorders.
• BravoPup makes a small commission for purchases made through amazon links from qualifying purchases

BravoPup Handouts

Our easy-to-read handouts cover the top issues that we help our clients with every day. Feel free to download the PDFs and share them with your pup-lovin’ friends.
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