In-Person Puppy Training Classes

Our In-Person Puppy Training Classes

Kindergarten/Elementary School for your pup (8-18 weeks old)

Junior High for your rapidly maturing puppy
High School for your budding young adult dog

In- Person Beginning Puppy Classes for
Puppies 8-18 Weeks

Classes are offered on Monday nights at the Walnut Creek Pet Food Express only. We have a limited number of puppies per class and must limit ONE PERSON per puppy based on the covid protocols at Pet Food Express. Online registration is first come, first serve, so register early! We hope to offer more locations soon!

Your puppy will make new friends and develop self-confidence as s/he builds lifelong social skills. Watch your pup demonstrate new behaviors and flourish in our stimulating classroom environment while having a whole lot of fun!

Practical Training for Real Life
Because your pup will spend its life on and off leash, we will teach you how to work with your puppy both ways: with a leash and without one. Our skillful and friendly trainers will show you how to train your pup using positive techniques that make learning fast, fun, and motivating… for all of you! Family members of all ages are always welcome in BravoPup classes.
What if my puppy is older than 19 weeks?
You will want to enroll in our DOG1 class; this is for older puppies and dogs.

Puppy MUST be between 8 to 18 weeks old at start of the first class. All the pups need to be within the same developmental time frame. After 18 weeks your puppy is entering their teenage years, with adult teeth, jaw strength and attitude

Our Pup 1 Class Skills Include:
Requirements & Information:
What To Bring:

$230 per dog

Age: 8-18 weeks

Need help with house-training?

We have a class for that! The Potty Training Project is a one hour webinar on how to house-train your pup or dog. Stay tuned; we are offering this very soon. 

Schedule for In-Person PUP1 Classes:

In-Person Junior High School for Pups:
Coming Soon!

This action-packed class is for pups that have graduated from PUP 1. We sharpen up the basic skills and tackle new ones. Higher level obedience is introduced such as heeling, placement commands (“go to your mat and chill out”), stays with mild to extreme distractions, distance commands, recalls from play sessions and more.
They Grow Up So Fast!
Your cute little puppy will be growing rapidly and you’ll be encountering a whole new set of challenges together during this exciting “adolescent” period. We are experts at dealing with rowdy teenagers, so we highly recommend that you take Pup 2 within several weeks of taking your Pup 1 class. If your pup is older, you will both gain valuable skills from the curriculum; but the social aspects of the class may be different for your young adult dog once he is more mature.
Pup 2 Class Skills Include:

If there are no dates listed, the class is currently unavailable:

$230 per dog

In-Person High School for Your Young Adult Pup: Coming Soon!

This intermediate to advanced class is for pups that have graduated from PUP2 and would like to continue developing even greater skills, or for those that need a refresher after a break from class. We continue to work on our heel, stays, recalls, distance commands and impulse control BUT we raise the bar on difficulty levels.
Pup 3 Class Skills Include:

$230 per dog

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